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Results from Huntly Sprints and Clashindarroch Hill Climb

The Sprints results are shown below, apologies for the delays in producing the results, with two years off from running the races we were clearly out of practice.





Thank you to all of you who took part or helped out at the Clashindarroch Hill Climb. I trust you have all dried out. Apologies with the delay in getting these results out, but we had some technical issues compiling them.

05 Clashindarroch Hill Climb 2022_Results_

Club Sprints and Clash Hill Climb 2022

The Snowsport Scotland Roller Ski Series kicks off in Huntly with the Huntly Sprints and Clashindarroch Hill Climb Roller Ski Races at the end of May.
Huntly Sprints, Saturday 28th May for experienced and less experienced skiers over flat and hill courses.
Clashindarroch Hill Climb, Sunday 29th May for experienced skiers only.

All entries should be made online as no entries are accepted on the day. Entries close at midnight on 26th May for both events.
For full information and online entry please follow the links below:

Huntly Sprints

Clashindarroch Hill Climb

We look forward to welcoming you to our races.


Man roller skiing down hill at speed

Huntly September Rollerski race

The Huntly September Rollerski races were held on Saturday 11th September 2021.

Great day and great racing despite a little rain. Thanks to all the club volunteers that helped produce a good event. There are lots of great photos on the club facebook page – see HNSC Facebook

Results for the races are available in the Club event page

Hill course races

Sen/Vet 7.1km (10 laps)

U18/U16 5.1km (7laps)

U14/U12 3.5km (5laps)

Open intermediate race, 2km (5laps) – open to all ages able to ski the smaller hill

Novice Flat Race 1.2km (2laps) -flat course for junior novices

Click here for entry forms on Spond

Spring into New Thursday Club Night

Thursday night is ski night. Club session run every Thursdays 19:30 to 21:00 (The club tea pot is normally on the go at 20:45 if the adults have finished winning the obligatory race against the Juniors)

Juniors Thursdays

A coach leads a session aimed at Junior skiers (& linked to the SMT programme, but not just for that group of Youths) each week. The new season is starting May 5th at cost of £1.00 a night.

Senior programme

All Adult club sessions are £2.00 a night

A coach will lead a structured session on most Thursday nights which is available for all adults that come along. At times we run a mini programme for specific aims which is open to all club members but we will ask people to book in to aid the coach of the programme. With our races coming up we will be running the coached sessions on roller skis to the end of June.

Club members wanting an un-coached session are always welcome to come along and ski on the mat or on rollers in the recreational ski.

Recreational ski Thursdays

Ski with friends. We will have someone help you get kit sorted and make sure the kettle is on for the best cup of tea of the week. Cost for adults £2.00 per night

Racing in 5 Thursdays

For the run in to the Huntly Sprints we are running 5 nights to give confidence to adults wanting to meet the challenge of participating in the races at the end of May. Session 1 is Thursday April 28th & each Thursday up to the 26th. May. (Even if not racing these will be fun sessions encouraging improvement in skills and use of terrain). If you are already joined up to the HNSC Club sessions group on the Spond app, invitations will be sent out automatically. However, if you’ve not a member of the group but would like to be, please use the link below: Alternatively, contact Roy for more information on or turn up at the Huntly Nordic Outdoor Centre this Thursday and we will get you sorted!

Beginner Roller Ski Skills & Bring a friend Thursdays

Starts June 2nd & for the next 4 nights (last night is June 23rd). We want to encourage members to try aspects of the sport so if you’ve not skied on Rollers before here’s a friendly way to try it. As we are always open to new members it would be great if we could get friends involved – new skiers get one free session to try it & then are asked to join the club if they wish to carry on skiing with us. (We will be advertising this more broadly to recruit new members to the sport)

For more information on any of the things in programmes or events in this update please email me

Roy Young, Chair; Huntly Nordic Ski Club

Club nights continue at the Centre from 19:30 to 21:00   We are continuing to use Spond for booking in for the club sessions via a Thursday Club Night group.  There are options for you to use the group shown below.

Option 1 – already a Spond app user

* For those people who already use the Spond app on a mobile device, please just enter the group code (ZGGFF) at the bottom of the “Groups” page and follow the instructions. 

Option 2 – happy to download the Spond app

* For those who do not have the app yet, but would like to use it, please click below to get a download link:

Then follow the instructions to join the group. 

Option 3 – don’t like the idea of an app

* If you would rather not download the Spond app, you can still join the group and be notified of events by e-mail. In this case, please contact and you will be added to the group manually. You will receive an email invitation to respond to and then an invitation to join the group.

Once you have joined the HNSC Club Sessions group (through app or email), you will have access (via the Spond app) to the calendar of events. You will automatically receive an invitation to each event 24-hrs prior and will be asked to accept or decline. There will also be the option to send a message to the organiser if there are any queries. You can choose to leave the group at any time.

Option 4 

One of the coaches will add you to the group when you come to club night.  

We will of course be happy to talk to people about this at club sessions.

One of the main advantage for all of us is that we won’t need to out in all our details each time we sign up to a Club night.  

(We will review how this goes but the experience of the other groups has been good)

You can decide on the night if you want to join the coached session or not. If you want to bring your own (old) skis for using the mat that could be very helpful until the centre’s new skis are available – it gives the skis a good polish but if you don’t do too many sessions it should cause no real damage. But don’t feel you have to bring your own skis, definitely don’t bring your new or best skis

Covid Update 27th April 2021

As you know Scotland is beginning to relax many of its Covid rules.  The main things that effect us as a club is that the ski centre is beginning to open and the rules will also permit 30 people to take part in organised sport.  (There are further rules about how the sport must organise the sessions)

Like last summer we started sessions with the Sunday Morning Training group (rules for U18 relaxed ahead of adults & this group all have their own roller ski kit).  We have also managed to the Race Performance Group going on Wednesday nights (with youth skiers for the same reasons as the SMT).

So now we feel we can start adult session again on Thursday night.  Our first night will be Thursday 29th April.  We are offering club members to join Skate Roller Ski 101

Skate Roller Ski 101 will be a series of three evenings taking those that have at least been introduced to skiing or roller skiing & giving them the opportunity to enjoy stress free skate skiing.

So if you are:

a skier who has had roller skis on their feet but don’t feel comfortable

a skier who feels you could feel more confident on skate roller skis

a skier who would like to enjoy more roller skiing but feel their technique lets them down at times

anyone who wants to try skate roller skiing

Then SRS 101 is for you

To register for the first Thursday please click on the link below.

If you have (or can borrow) roller ski equipment that would be great but if you need to borrow please add the details in the registration form

Sign in before Wednesday at 18:00

Only 20 places on any evening at the moment.

Arrive at the front of the ski centre to check in at 19:15

Please keep 2 m distancing & wear mask until the start of skiing.  There will be hand sanitiser at the check in area, please use before the session and at the end.

Also bring a cycle helmet, glasses (safety/clear or sun) and gloves

Coaches this week will be Simon & Kirstie.

Click here for Registration form

For further information on Snowsport Scotland Covid rules please see…

Updated Covid guidance 6Jan21

With the Level 4 (stay at home) situation the club will not organise any activities that could lead to more than 2 households / 2 people meeting.

The Covid Team and Club Committee will keep the situation under review and send out updates and other information on club activity as things change.

Please be aware of the rules effecting the areas you live in and in particular exercise  – see    “

We have also received a message from our Governing Body, Snowsport Scotland which has a summary of their advice
“The clear message from the Scottish Government, is ‘to minimise the risk of spreading the virus, you must stay at home as much as possible.’’

End of November Club Nights

For the next 2 club nights we have the following coached sessions

Adults  – Elizabeth is coach; Classic on mat (Starting on the hill)

Youth – Eileen & Roy coaching; Balance & Core – mat (& off ski) – swap to the downhill if need 

Adults  – Elizabeth is coach; Classic on mat (Starting on downhill)

Youth – Technical – Eileen & Roy coaching; mat classic – swap to the downhill (it is supposed to be hard session so we will do some intervals and some hard relays)
With everyone needing mat skis we are happy for everyone to bring their own clash skis if they want (Please note “own” in the relevant columns on the registration form.

If bringing your own boots but needing centre skis please make sure to add a “S”  (For Salomon SNS binding) or “P” (for Prolink or NNN binding)

Finally we are adjusting the registration form to ask for ski length and pole height – I think many of you have a good idea of this.

If there are any questions please contact Elizabeth or Roy.

Thank you for your support of the club during this period.

(Payment:  usual club fees of £1 for  Youth/ concession & £2 for Adults will be collected by monthly billing based on registration/ attendance)

Updated Covid Guidance 18th November 2020

At the moment we can continue to run the sessions we have been running.  These will be as covid secure as we can make them and we ask all who attend be patient and follow the guidance /methods we have evolved to make the sessions as safe as we can.

Please note a few conditions we have to apply to these ‘Covid Sessions’ for safety of all members.  Please respect these and stay safe.

 For sessions
1. We need to know what we need to get out of the centre hence the requirement to give shoe size & Ski size & Pole height (& if bringing own boots – the type of binding Salomon (S) or Prolink (P)

2. Arrival.  Please be as ready as you be once you’ve parked.  Head to the centre keeping 2 m.  At the centre find a free Adult or Junior  (under 18) space & then collect any kit and put it on at your place.  The coach/leader will tell you what groups are doing what.

3. Departure.  Please clean your kit and leave where directed for sanitising.  Then please depart the centre area following normal Covid rules.

Please note that the conditions do apply to the Sunday Morning and Race Performance Groups, although individuals may not need to make equipment bookings if using their own.

Aberdeenshire is currently at Covid Level 2.  Depending on your own area there may be travel restrictions that you need to follow.

Pease be aware that the club will share information on those members that go in to the ski centre (to use the loo for example) with the Ski Centre – we will share name and contact number.

All information collected will be deleted after 1 month – all data is being collected for Covid Tracing reasons.  If you have any questions please contact our Covid officer (Lynne Duncan on

Update from Snowsport Scotland 18th November 2020

After the announcement from the First Minister yesterday, we wanted to clarify a few of the restrictions going forward, especially those now within a Level 4 area. 

Please see attached an updated document from sportscotland highlighting the current guidelines. Some of the main points to consider are:

 • Those who current reside in a Level 4 local authority are still permitted to train (both u18s and 18+) but are strongly encouraged to stay within their local authority area, and not travel out with. 

 • Current safety measures including social distancing when not on slope and face coverings are strongly advised. 

 • Those who live in a level 1,2 or 3 area are not encouraged to travel to a level 4 authority area, but U18s can still travel in/out of a level 3. 

Some of the main things to consider around travel for sport are:

 • Participants 18 years of age or over (adults) should only travel locally (within around 5 miles of their local authority area) into or out of a level 3 area to take part in sport or physical activity outdoors.

 • Participants aged 18 years or over (adults) who live in a Level 0, 1 or 2 area should minimise unnecessary journeys between areas in different levels and avoid travel to Level 3 or Level 4 areas to take part in sport or physical activity.

 • Participants under 18 years of age can travel to and from Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 areas (but not Level 4) to take part in organised sport, physical activity, training and competition.

 • Operators should risk assess all activity and it is strongly recommended that where at all possible training and competition should take place locally.

More Info can be found here:

Phase 3 Return to sport and physical activity guidance 161120 FINAL