Thursday Club Night

Thursday night is ski night. Club session run every Thursdays 19:30 to 21:00 (The club tea pot is normally on the go at 20:45 if the adults have finished winning the obligatory race against the Juniors)

Juniors Thursdays

A coach leads a session aimed at Junior skiers (& linked to the SMT programme, but not just for that group of Youths) each week. The new season is starting May 5th at cost of £1.00 a night.

Senior programme

All Adult club sessions are £2.00 a night

A coach will lead a structured session on most Thursday nights which is available for all adults that come along. At times we run a mini programme for specific aims which is open to all club members but we will ask people to book in to aid the coach of the programme.

Club members wanting an un-coached session are always welcome to come along and ski on the mat or on rollers in the recreational ski.

Recreational ski Thursdays

Ski with friends. We will have someone help you get kit sorted and make sure the kettle is on for the best cup of tea of the week. Cost for adults £2.00 per night

Beginner Roller Ski Skills & Bring a friend Thursdays

Starts June 2nd & for the next 4 nights (last night is June 23rd). We want to encourage members to try aspects of the sport so if you’ve not skied on Rollers before here’s a friendly way to try it. As we are always open to new members it would be great if we could get friends involved – new skiers get one free session to try it & then are asked to join the club if they wish to carry on skiing with us. (We will be advertising this more broadly to recruit new members to the sport)

For more information on any of the things in programmes or events in this update please email me

Simon, Chair; Huntly Nordic Ski Club

Winter Events Calendar

The winter calendar can be found below:


Club nights continue at the Centre from 19:30 to 21:00   We are continuing to use Spond for booking in for the club sessions via a Thursday Club Night group.  There are options for you to use the group shown below.

Option 1 – already a Spond app user

* For those people who already use the Spond app on a mobile device, please just enter the group code (ZGGFF) at the bottom of the “Groups” page and follow the instructions. 

Option 2 – happy to download the Spond app

* For those who do not have the app yet, but would like to use it, please click below to get a download link:

Then follow the instructions to join the group. 

Option 3 – don’t like the idea of an app

* If you would rather not download the Spond app, you can still join the group and be notified of events by e-mail. In this case, please contact and you will be added to the group manually. You will receive an email invitation to respond to and then an invitation to join the group.

Once you have joined the HNSC Club Sessions group (through app or email), you will have access (via the Spond app) to the calendar of events. You will automatically receive an invitation to each event 24-hrs prior and will be asked to accept or decline. There will also be the option to send a message to the organiser if there are any queries. You can choose to leave the group at any time.

Option 4 

One of the coaches will add you to the group when you come to club night.  

We will of course be happy to talk to people about this at club sessions.

One of the main advantage for all of us is that we won’t need to out in all our details each time we sign up to a Club night.  

(We will review how this goes but the experience of the other groups has been good)

You can decide on the night if you want to join the coached session or not. If you want to bring your own (old) skis for using the mat that could be very helpful until the centre’s new skis are available – it gives the skis a good polish but if you don’t do too many sessions it should cause no real damage. But don’t feel you have to bring your own skis, definitely don’t bring your new or best skis