Updated Covid Guidance 18th November 2020

At the moment we can continue to run the sessions we have been running.  These will be as covid secure as we can make them and we ask all who attend be patient and follow the guidance /methods we have evolved to make the sessions as safe as we can.

Please note a few conditions we have to apply to these ‘Covid Sessions’ for safety of all members.  Please respect these and stay safe.

 For sessions
1. We need to know what we need to get out of the centre hence the requirement to give shoe size & Ski size & Pole height (& if bringing own boots – the type of binding Salomon (S) or Prolink (P)

2. Arrival.  Please be as ready as you be once you’ve parked.  Head to the centre keeping 2 m.  At the centre find a free Adult or Junior  (under 18) space & then collect any kit and put it on at your place.  The coach/leader will tell you what groups are doing what.

3. Departure.  Please clean your kit and leave where directed for sanitising.  Then please depart the centre area following normal Covid rules.

Please note that the conditions do apply to the Sunday Morning and Race Performance Groups, although individuals may not need to make equipment bookings if using their own.

Aberdeenshire is currently at Covid Level 2.  Depending on your own area there may be travel restrictions that you need to follow.

Pease be aware that the club will share information on those members that go in to the ski centre (to use the loo for example) with the Ski Centre – we will share name and contact number.

All information collected will be deleted after 1 month – all data is being collected for Covid Tracing reasons.  If you have any questions please contact our Covid officer (Lynne Duncan on wpo@nordicski.co.uk)

Update from Snowsport Scotland 18th November 2020

After the announcement from the First Minister yesterday, we wanted to clarify a few of the restrictions going forward, especially those now within a Level 4 area. 

Please see attached an updated document from sportscotland highlighting the current guidelines. Some of the main points to consider are:

 • Those who current reside in a Level 4 local authority are still permitted to train (both u18s and 18+) but are strongly encouraged to stay within their local authority area, and not travel out with. 

 • Current safety measures including social distancing when not on slope and face coverings are strongly advised. 

 • Those who live in a level 1,2 or 3 area are not encouraged to travel to a level 4 authority area, but U18s can still travel in/out of a level 3. 

Some of the main things to consider around travel for sport are:

 • Participants 18 years of age or over (adults) should only travel locally (within around 5 miles of their local authority area) into or out of a level 3 area to take part in sport or physical activity outdoors.

 • Participants aged 18 years or over (adults) who live in a Level 0, 1 or 2 area should minimise unnecessary journeys between areas in different levels and avoid travel to Level 3 or Level 4 areas to take part in sport or physical activity.

 • Participants under 18 years of age can travel to and from Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 areas (but not Level 4) to take part in organised sport, physical activity, training and competition.

 • Operators should risk assess all activity and it is strongly recommended that where at all possible training and competition should take place locally.

More Info can be found here:

Phase 3 Return to sport and physical activity guidance 161120 FINAL