She Makes Tracks in Huntly

She Makes Tracks in Huntly invites girls of 10 years of age or older to join us for a fun and friendly girl only session on skis. This new group,run by Huntly Nordic Ski Club coaches, will meet every 6 weeks or more frequently if desired. It aims to encourage girls in sport with no performance or racing drive anywhere in sight. Beginners and established skiers are equally welcome.  Our ethos is to build fun,  friendships, and confidence through ski related activity. The first session on Sunday 22nd November is free and runs from 11.00 – 12.30pm.

In subsequent sessions we will  charge £10 for a year’s Huntly Nordic Ski club youth membership and an additional fee of £15 = £25 in total, to cover a year’s “She Makes Tracks in Huntly” sessions including a special She Makes tracks headband,(which is currently in design and production mode).

Background – Snowsport Scotland ran a week long promotion of Women and Girls in Sport recently and lent support to both youngsters and coaches to build greater opportunity for Women and Girls in sport. The female coaches came together and thought that this new initiative might be a great space for young ladies to flourish during the the years of school transition and teenage pressures. Girls can be a member of this group on its own or add it to any of the other groups that they take part in at the ski centre already. How do you book in? There is a calendar event on the club website  where you can book in: