Snow Report December 22nd 2011

Colin Miller braved the  mud and ice in the Clash…

With temperatures on Thursday touching plus 10, the Clashindarroch trails have lost much of their snow. Although a compacted 5cm base was holding out gallantly here and there, there are long bare stretches. A few hundred metres survived on the Haute Route but even this was turning to slush, and the trail was running with meltwater. The Snowgoose and Timberline snowfields offered about 500 metres of continuous skiing on smooth but wet drift, but it’s a long walk to get there! A bit of a change from the past two Christmases, but there’s January and February to look forward to.   
Good to hear the distant notes of the arriving snowmobile carried on the air this morning, Peter. I’ve reported the missing grit bin via the Council website. Found a piece of silver coloured plastic at the entrance at lunchtime. It looked like a battery cover from a large mobile phone, or similar device such a vehicle fuse box. I’ve left it on the post at the pole barrier.
So… even with tomorrow’s brief freeze it doesn’t look like there’s any real prospect of skiing over the next few days.