Passed 100 Skiable Days

From Dave Horsely

There is still good deep snow on the upper trails. Started out hard and icy (especially in the shade) but quickly softened.

First 150m or so are very broken, but decent snow starts from just after the hut. Good snow from there up Classic start, The trail to shortcut is broken in a couple of places. Shortcut complete. Haute Route to top of Leids leap is complete with deep snow, though there is a bit of a stream at the bottom of the hill. Leids Leap is broken breifly in a couple of places at the top of the hill in the usual place. Hedder Way is complete bar the first 2m uphill of Leids leap. Skied back up Shortcut and headed right on Haute Route. Still deep snow. Then headed up onto timberline which is 20-40m wide and 2-3m deep. Back to the track down SnowGoose. Returned via Highland Fling which is broken in a couple of places.

Still well worth skiing as the broken sections are short and most of the trails still have deep snow.

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