If The Snow Lasts Until Next Saturday…and Snow Report

We will have made it to 100 snow cover days in the current season! Peter Thorn was wondering if we should do something to celebrate…

Here’s Colin Millers Snow report from March 20th

True to form, the Clash is still well worth visiting. Almost all the trails are complete, with 15-50cm spring snow despite an occasional thin patch here and there. Haute Route and Timberline have huge amounts of snow. Biathlon Range and Classic Start have ample snow for training. There’s a 150m walk-in from the main entrance. Lower part of Range Way is bare, and there’s a short break on main trail at foot of the long uphill before Short Cut. Off-piste 50-55cm, patchy in open areas. Wax not advised — you’ll gather a small forest of pine needles and twigs! 

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