Thursday Sessions have Restarted

Thursday night club sessions restarted on Thursday 20th August 2020.

It’s back – Club Thursdays 

Our next Club night is this Thursday, 5th November.

For the next 3 weeks we will run part of the acclaimed 7 Steps Programme to slowly build skills for roller skiing which are applicable to classic skiing.

Skiers and beginner or cautious roller skiers are invited to join the coached session which will develop skills off tarmac, on matting and grass for skiing and roller skiing. You can wear roller skis or classic skis for week1. Week 2 will introduce tarmac building blocks for roller skiers only and week 3 final roller ski development week. In Week 4-6 we will cover classic skiing skills on skis “Be ready for snow”.

All sessions need to be pre-booked (all can be booked at the club website  )
The booking form will give details of the session even if the home page doesn’t.

A leader will check you in to the session (Registration) & ask you to sanitise your hands.

There will be a place for you to place kit you have with you, you might want to ensure you have a visibly named black sack to put it into in case it rains 
Any prebooked loan kit will be available outside the centre (prebooking of kit is on the Booking form)

You should have hand sanitiser and a face covering on you in case you require first aid but face coverings do not need to be worn during the session unless you prefer.

After registration and distribution of kit, a leader will be around to keep things flowing & help with any issues.

At the end of the session kit should be returned to its return position. To minimise handling of kit only the designated people will put kit away.

Socially distanced cup of tea and chocolate biscuit at the stone circle for the moment are no longer allowed, so we have to leave after the end of the session. We will update the tea and biscuit situation as soon as rules allow.

Please remember to bring with you:
Hand sanitiser
Face mask


Please book on line by going to the club Website & then the events page where you will find a booking form by clicking on the date.

Click here

(The form will ask for contact info & a Covid screening question as well as details of any hire needed)

We will limit the session to 30 people “in the field of play”. We are still able to run sessions under the new Covid19 regulations starting Monday 14th September as there is an exemption for organised sports.

The booking form info will be destroyed after 4 weeks – this is to make sure we are able to respond to any requests from Track and Protect


We intend to wind up the skiing at ~20:50 and, at the moment and under the rules in force form 14th September people will have to depart straight after the ned of the session.


Where possible it would be great if members could use their own boots (& poles) & Rollerskis but the booking form will allow you to book all of this if needed.

If borrowing equipment please wear gloves as our leaders will have to put the kit out and away.

If rollerskiing please remember to bring your bike helmet and protective glasses


Bring a smile.  It seems a hassle to get this all together but as the junior members of SMT have shown that a positive attitude and enjoyment of the possible makes for a great session.

Look forward to seeing you at the session or one during the following weeks.

Please get back to the Club Chair if you have any worries or issues with the sessions.