2013 Huntly Championships Entry Forms

Here are the entry forms for the Huntly Championships for 2013. They are taking place on 7th September.
There is a change to the usual Sept race weekend format in that there will also be races at the Huntly Nordic & Outdoor Centre as well on Sun 8th Sept starting about 10am. These will comprise a 3-lap time trial ~around the inner, middle & outer loops (~1390m) of the Huntly track & also team sprints using the middle 400m loop. The Sunday races are free to enter. If you don’t have partner for the Team Sprints don’t worry as we will probably pair people up on the day.
It will help the organisers if you send your entries in advance. No need for money in advance as you can pay on the day

06 GB08 Huntly Champs 07Sep13 Entry Form MS Word .doc

06 GB08 Huntly Champs 07Sep13 Entry Form PDF