Skiing Trip To Mongolia

Marcus Stevens has contacted us regarding an upcoming expedition

Mongolian Ski Touring Expedition
The deep freeze that grips Northern Mongolia throughout the long winter creates an almost uninhabited wilderness. Groups of Mongolian reindeer herders known as the Tsaatan, also found in Siberia, have adapted perfectly to the limitations of the tundra climate. Some say that Modern skiing has its roots with the Tsaatan. This ancient race developed the ski as a more efficient way of herding their Reindeer in deep snow. Traditional ski making knowledge is still retained in but a few of the remaining Tsaatan communities, as is some of the most ancient shamanism and bush-craft on the planet.

This Epic Journey takes you deep into the heart of Mongolian winter. Move North on skis through stunning winter forests and frozen valleys as you make your way into the Taiga. Here you will ski tour and use horses to access the higher peaks, most of which have never been skied before. You will stay in traditional Mongolian Gers or Yurts as well as the Tepees of the Tsaatan (Reindeer people). The Taiga is home to some of the last bastions of shamanism and a way of life unchanged for centuries. In this harsh climate the survival of a race depends on the survival of the reindeer herd. Learn from this ancient race, the art of crafting traditional skis. Test the skis as you help a family move their herd from deep winter to early spring pastures. The adventure culminates with the ice festival on mighty Lake Khovsgul. Here Mongolian heritage and tradition will be showcased with a wintry twist such as wrestling on the frozen lake and Ice horse racing.

The chance to see and travel this remote corner of the planet on skis, meeting its mysterious people in deep winter is a world first opportunity.