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Routes in the Clash
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Lower trails are disappearing very fast - the River Deveron is flowing very deep and fast past the ski Centre! Higher trails are still offering some skiing for the determined. Use your old skis only!

In the winter our thoughts turn to the major cross country ski area in Scotland. The Clashindarroch Forest is not far from Huntly. It provides some of the best snow holding trails in Scotland and is well pisted by the volunteer trail cutters from the Huntly Nordic Ski Club. The forest averages 45 days of skiing each year, with an informal race to be the first to complete the "Haute Route" on skis each year - the earliest completion being Oct 18th a few years back

The trail pisted for skating

On top of the Haute Route
The "Haute Route" takes you through the forest on to the path along the top ridge, so giving you great views over the surrounding hills. The main route is 10k, but there are many short cuts on and off it. Also not to be missed is the "Rollercoaster" which is just that through a forest ride - good fun, but not for those looking for style.
Although people have been skiing the Clash for a long time we are still finding new bits. In 2009 the pisted trails had 118 days of skiing, but a new area called Timberline usually remains usable for a good bit longer than the main trails.

The Trails in the Clashindarroch Forest